Our History

Our History

GrannysNursePicThe inspiration for this blog was the recipes of our grandmother, Eleanore “Sue” Matuskowitz. “Granny” lived a long, fascinating, and sometimes difficult life. As the oldest daughter in a family of 7 children, she began working at a young age during the Great Depression to help support her family in Philadelphia. Anyone who knew her would know that the Depression significantly shaped the way she lived her life and the way she cooked – she wasted nothing and appreciated everything.

She sure could cook, but she was so much more than a housewife. As a nurse, she spent her career caring for others. Never wavering in her strength, she endured the loss of many loved ones, but comforted those around her rather than focusing on her own grief. To us, Granny represents strength, caring, and food. We initially named the blog “From Granny’s Recipe Box” in an effort to connect with her through her recipes.

205799_586383635491_2592867_nGranny believed in serving full meals every night – main course, side dishes, and a homemade dessert served on a properly set table. Even when cooking for a couple of her picky-eating grandchildren, she never took shortcuts with ingredients and made everything from scratch. She passed away this year at age 97. Her legacy lives on in her 2 children, 4 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and in her recipes.


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