Hello and thank you for visiting! We are Maddy and Anne, granddaughters of the most amazing home chef. This is our little online collection of our Grandmothers recipes and our commentary as we cook our way through them.

Who are we??

We are a couple of spread-too-thin moms, trying to get through the daily challenges of raising young kids and growing families while clinging to the tradition of family dinner for dear life. We appreciate the value of microwave meatballs and dipping pasta wheels in ketchup, but we refuse to let go of home cooked meals even if it means skipping our favorite show (The Bachelor-Anne/Project Runway-Maddy) and even if we spend the whole meal telling toddlers (and husbands) to keep their elbows off the table and sit on their behinds.

What is this Blog All About?

Seven years ago, we received a box full of our Grandma’s hand-written recipes in the mail. These recipes range from depression-era and money saving to elaborate and decadent. What they all have in common is that they are all delicious and worth preserving. Granny left us with a legacy of recipes and an understanding of the value of sharing a meal.

Messy Box of Recipes

Why Are We Doing This?

Granny passed away in 2017. She was 97. Feeling nostalgic, we attempted to organize the mess that was this box, and decided to attempt to cook every recipe between the two of us. But also, to little by little, make the company-worthy and time consuming recipes into meals that can easily be made on a weeknight for the whole family. 

We have such strong memories tied to Granny and family through food. We hope that our blog will reach people who also feel connections to a person or place through food, and/or anyone who wants to hang on to the old fashioned family dinner.


A Little Bit About Maddy: 

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I am a stay-at-home mom to two little girls, a toddler and a baby. In my previous life I worked in development at a university. We moved from Boston to Texas with a 10 week old, then to Northern South Carolina with a 10 month old. Although I love living in the suburbs of Charlotte, I had trouble navigating a life as a stay-at-home mom with little social interaction in a new place. I threw myself into my Granny’s recipes and found my place in the kitchen and in this new city. I love animals, chocolate, and discovering restaurants and breweries in my new state. I am addicted to vanilla lattes and would do just about anything for a nap. I have Granny’s hip-to-waist ratio and her need for a piece (or 3) of dark chocolate after dinner.


A Little Bit About Anne:



By day, I am a medical illustrator and animator creating art and media for medical education products. I have two sons, a toddler and a baby. I used to come home from work and spend my evening in the kitchen making dinner for two. Now I try to fight the urge to make two dinners for four, as I try to get my toddler to eat like a big kid and share one meal as a family.  I love coffee, going out to brunch, decorating my house in the woods, winter time, and podcasts. I love making my cooking match the changing seasons, and I have been crocheting the same blanket since 2013. I have Granny’s nose and her love for entertaining.

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