Easy Margarita Mule

Easy Margarita Mule

It is that time of year again when we must decide what to drink in the red wine off-season. For most people, when the days grow longer and temperatures warmer, drinking red wine does not have the same appeal. Shopping for a bathing suit on line with one hand while sipping Cabernet in the other does not feel quite right. What does feel right? As far as I’m concerned, extended sunshine and warm weather call for margaritas. And this year, I’m giving my margarita a little more sparkle and turning it into the Easy Margarita Mule!

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I love margaritas, and I love mules. But I always considered them restaurant/special occasion/vacation drinks. Until I realized just how easy they are to make! My basic margarita has only four ingredients, not including the salt. And this Easy Margarita Mule, all jazzed up with ginger beer, still has only four ingredients.

This ginger-limey, fizzy, special, icy cocktail is MORE than adequate to get you through the red wine off-season. I can promise the Easy Margarita Mule, whether or not you have copper mugs, will go down easily while you enjoy the longer days and warmer temps. And I KNOW it will make bathing suit shopping a little more enjoyable too.

Frosty Simple Margarita Mule From Charm to Table Blog
Easy Margarita Mule

The Easy Margarita Mule is super simple and can be your warm weather go-to! You won’t believe how easily this fancy drink comes together.

  • 1 c tequila
  • 1 c limeade
  • 1 1/2 c ginger beer
  • freshly squeezed lime juice to taste
  • 2 copper mugs or large drinking glasses
  • fresh grated ginger, optional
  1. Fill two copper mugs or drinking glasses 3/4 full with ice. 

  2. Pour tequila, limeade, and ginger beer into a pitcher or mason jar and mix well. Pour over the ice. Squeeze a generous amount of lime into each drink. Top with a bit more ginger beer or fresh grated ginger if you like an extra pop of ginger.

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