Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape

Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape

You know those meals that are described as “thirty minutes or less!” or “you won’t believe how easy it is!”? But when you fall for it you realize that those easy thirty minutes do not include all of the time to chop veggies or peel potatoes. Thirty minutes probably doesn’t include cooking time. And definitely doesn’t include the time it takes to preheat the oven and open all the cans. This Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape is the opposite of that. It looks like there is no way it could be done at the last minute. But we promise in thirty minutes or less you can make your table look this beautiful. and you will NOT believe how easy it is!

Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape From Charm to Table Blog

…Especially after you see how pretty it is and even more especially when you realize that you can get every single thing you’ll need at the supermarket! We bought a ten dollar bouquet at Stop & Shop, a small bunch of baby’s breath, a package of red grapes, and whatever citrus looked colorful. We lined up a few black placemats, put a slice of wood in the center with a handmade handkerchief and a shallow vase. Then we just went to town arranging and rearranging.

Close Up of Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape From Charm to Table Blog

This Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape is perfect for spur-of-the-moment entertaining because you can get everything in one spot. And after the party, there are so many ways to make sure your tablescape does not go to waste. Make a Cold Snap Shandy to wind down. Or treat yourself to some Orange Vanilla French Toast the next morning. And this Avocado Citrus Salad will take care of all of the leftovers! Step by Step directions to creating this masterpiece are below. So invite your friends and show off your secretly effortless decor. Only you will know that it only took thirty minutes or less!

Steps to creating a Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape From Charm to Table Blog
Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape

This Last Minute Supermarket Tablescape looks like it took days to put together! Impress your guests with no stress. 

  • 1 large bunch red grapes
  • 2 lemons, halved
  • 2 limes, halved
  • 2 grapefruits, halved
  • 4 blood oranges
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 large bouquet
  • 1 bunch baby’s breath
  • 1 shallow vase
  • 1 wood slice or something raised for the vase in the middle
  1. Take apart your bouquet and cut the flowers to have very short stems. Decide what few flowers you want to be in the center and leave their stems a little longer so they can dip into the water of the vase. Keep and set aside all of your greenery and leaves from the bouquet. Slice some of the fruit in half so you have something to start with. Wash the grapes and pull them apart into smaller bunches. 

  2. Decide where you want your fruit and flowers on the table and put down a base layer of place mats, brown or white paper, or something for contrast. Choose a small and very shallow vase (we used a candy dish) that will go in the center and place it on something, such as a slab of wood to raise it up. A colorful handkerchief looks pretty underneath. This will make the tablescape look like it is flowing from a central point. But please note, all of this is optional. Make it your own!

  3. Use the picture above for step-by-step guidance. After you have your layer for contrast (1), something for lift (2), a handkerchief (3), and a vase in the center(4), you are ready for steps 5-9 in the picture.

  4. (5) Cut apart your grapes and intersperse them through what will be the length of your tablescape. You will most likely end up tweaking their placement.

  5. (6) Begin to place the citrus halves on the table and arrange them so that everywhere you look there is color.

  6. (7) Tuck the rest of the flowers into the tablescape. Pay attention to color so that there is a lot of beautiful contrast.

  7. (8) The white baby’s breath will give your eyes a break from the clumps of rich color. Cut a  bunch of smaller pieces and strategically tuck them in where you need some puffs of white. They look especially pretty along the sides coming from under all of the color (as in #8 and to the right of #1 in the picture.

  8. (9) Tuck the greenery and leaves from the bouquet around the tablescape. Use a good bit of greenery at the ends of the tablescape so it looks like the fruit and flowers are flowing into the green.

  9. Now you just need to look at it from a few angles and rearrange. Don’t spend too much time picking apart your masterpiece because you could probably perfect it forever and it will look so beautiful and natural if it is not too obsessed over. Thirty minute timer should be dinging about now!

Recipe Notes

Any combination of citrus fruit will work. Choose what you like to look at and what you will use in a recipe when you’re finished with your tablescape.

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