Cold Snap Shandy

Cold Snap Shandy

Do you ever have to rearrange the beer in your fridge before you can put the groceries away? Do you ever have to take out some beer so you can fit food that will actually nourish your children? It doesn’t happen very often, but first with the holidays and now the Super Bowl, It has become a frustration. I’m not a beer drinker but in order to increase refrigerator real estate I’ve had to get creative. I’m pleased to announce I have come up with an idea worth sharing—a citrus shandy! And because this beer surplus is season-specific, I give you the Cold Snap Shandy.

Easy Citrus Shandy From Charm to Table Blog

I’ve found the best combination to be Pilsner and Sprite, but most beers will do and limeade works in place of the sprite if soda isn’t your jam. With the squeeze of a lime and an orange (or whatever citrus you have on hand) you’ve got yourself a Cold Snap Shandy. If you’ve already got the beer, with only one more ingredient, you’ll have something for everyone at your super bowl party. 

Easy Citrus Shandy pouring From Charm to Table Blog

This beer cocktail is refreshing and satisfying. I know it sounds summery, but these babies are kind of like ice cream— delicious all year long. It is a slight reminder of summer and also uses up your winter citrus. The best part? The beer will fly off your refrigerator shelves. Reclaim your refrigerator space with a Cold Snap Shandy! Or three.

Cold Snap Shandy

An easy way to add another cocktail/beer option to your party! Mix up some beer with sprite or limeade, and you’ve got yourself a drink suitable for any gathering any time of year

Servings: 2
  • 1 c Pilsner beer
  • 1 c sprite or limeade
  • 1 lime, cut into sections
  • 1 orange, cut into sections
  1. Combine the beer and sprite in a pitcher or mixing cup. Pour over ice. Squeeze a lime section and an orange section into each glass. Mix and enjoy!

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