Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad

Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad

We all know that the very best part of Thanksgiving dinner happens the day after Thanksgiving. Or a few hours after you finish your pumpkin pie. So once you’ve stuffed yourself silly, and you are starting to think about your next meal, let it be this Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad. This salad has all of the delicious flavors of Thanksgiving dinner, but transformed. And after a full day of cooking, it is the perfect way to keep yourself out of the kitchen. And the best part is that after all those calories, it’s semi-healthy! The only challenge with this dish is making sure your guests don’t hit the road with more than their fair share of doggy bags.


We always dry out some leftover stuffing in the toaster oven to repurpose as croutons. Put aside a couple pieces of bacon from the baked farro and butternut squash.  And don’t forget to reserve some crispy fried onions from your green bean casserole. Do you have any combination of  leftover squash, or sweet potatoes, cranberries, green beans, corn, Brussels sprouts, or turkey? Then you have all of the ingredients already on hand! So hoard your leftovers, clean out that fridge, get out your cutting board and go to town. I recommend this salad with store bought honey mustard dressing. You can’t go wrong with Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad. Happy Thanksgiving! And Happier Leftovers!


Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad

Leftovers are the best part of Thanskgiving! Chop them up and toss with honey mustard, and you've got easy and healthy Thanksgiving Leftover Chopped Salad!

  • chopped leftover turkey
  • leftover cranberry sauce or a handful of craisins
  • chopped leftover butternut squash or sweet potatoes
  • leftover crispy onions from green bean casserole
  • leftover stuffing, toasted and crumbled
  • chopped leftover bacon
  • chopped tomatoes or any veggies you have on hand
  • chopped lettuce, any variety
  1. Chop all ingredients and toss. Top with your favorite dressing. We think honey mustard flavors are perfect with Thanksgiving ingredients.

Recipe Notes

Use anything and everything you have on hand! Sometimes we throw in canned or frozen corn, beets, artichoke hearts or anything from the cabinet.

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